We Help Non-Profits With:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Measures And Evaluation
  • Succession Planning 
  • Board Governance 
  • Volunteer Management 
  • Event Planning  
  • Project Management
  • Process Definition
  • Training 

Strategic Planning & Measurement

  • Strategic Planning allows a non-profit to take its vision for a better world  and turn it into an actionable plan. 
  • Measures are important to be able to prove that the non-profit is serving its vision 
  • Funders (institutional and individual), workers and volunteers are drawn to a non-profit because of the non-profit’s vision and its accomplishments. 

Succession Planning

  • Is a process by which an organization prepares for the departure planned or unplanned of key members of the organization and the transition of their responsibilities to another individual(s).
  • Think about those critical positions in your organization (e.g., Executive Director, webmaster, key staff and volunteers) and what would happen if that individual should suddenly leave or not be available. 
  • Succession Planning allows a non-profit  organization to prepare for those expected and unexpected departures. 

Volunteer Management

  • Are Your Volunteers The Lifeblood Of Your Organization?
  • Have You Considered:
    • Why you want volunteers?
    • What tasks will they perform?
    • How many volunteers are needed?
    • What skills will they need?
    • What resources will the volunteer need? 
    • Does your organization have the necessary structure to support the volunteers?
    • Etc.

Event Planning

  • An event can make or break a non-profit financially.  
  • Planning is a key to a successful event. 
  • We can help with all stages of the event from initial planning to post event follow-up to make your event memorable and successful. 

Process Definition

  • Have you looked at how you are doing your work?
  • Does it feel like every time you do something you are re-inventing the wheel?
  • Process Definition 
    • Helps you identify the key parts of every task your agency performs, 
    • Allows you to standardizes those tasks  and
    • Makes sure that those tasks are  done same way every time while giving your clients the best service possible in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.